There are numerous possible applications

Our system is optimized for your application. Whether you want to record vibrations, temperatures or other condition data in your production, our Portable Monitoring System offers you an individual and suitable solution.

Monitoring of decentralised pumps

Hundreds of pumps supply your entire production: cooling lubricant supply, oil extraction and much more. A failure of such a pump often leads to unwanted production downtimes.

The difficulty is to always keep an eye on the condition of all pumps. Due to the distribution of the pumps throughout the entire production, it is not possible to carry out regular manual vibration measurements. Documenting the results is also time-consuming and is certainly one of the unpopular tasks in everyday work.

So how about monitoring the process-critical pumps digitally and efficiently?

This is possible with our Portable Monitoring System.

Efficient monitoring of motors

The entire production plant only runs when all motors are running smoothly. However, the loads on the various drives are sometimes higher than specified by the engine manufacturer. If the drive shaft deflects or the motor overheats, its performance is reduced. The result: an unplanned breakdown, which causes effort and costs.

A typical example is the overloading of conveyor belts. The more load carriers on the belt, the higher the production efficiency – until the motor fails. The Portable Monitoring System can prevent this. It is quick and easy to install, monitors temperature and vibration and thus provides continuous information on the condition of the motor.

Temperature measurement at the extrusion machine

A long machine service life ensures high profitability for the operator. Extrusion machines in particular continue to function reliably even after many years. Over time, however, the installed sensors in particular become increasingly unreliable. The result: the temperature exceeds the permissible maximum value and the profile produced is faulty.

It would be nice if the temperature could be monitored redundantly on the machine’s cylinder. This increases process reliability and reduces production rejects.

This is exactly what Portable Monitoring offers: a low-cost option for decentralized temperature monitoring.

Wireless monitoring of overhead conveyors

Efficient and closely timed processes are important prerequisites for high output. One example of this is automated overhead conveyors, which are responsible for transporting car bodies or other components as smoothly and damage-free as possible. Uneven rails or signs of wear on the overhead arm must be detected early on to prevent rejects.

The solution to this problem is the Portable Monitoring System. In battery operation, it permanently monitors the vibrations on each individual overhead conveyor and automatically reports deviations from the target state by e-mail. In this way, maintenance can be initiated in a targeted manner, thus ensuring smooth operation of the line.

Another special feature: if the batteries are once empty, they can be recharged wirelessly via Balluff inductive couplers (BIC). Within the service station, this can be done in parallel with the maintenance of the overhead conveyor.

Vibration measurement on centrifugal and axial fans

The fans of a ventilation system usually perform their service reliably day and night. However, continuous operation without mechanical wear is not possible.

Regular inspections are therefore important. Inevitably, this leads to high maintenance costs due to too late or even too early maintenance.

A typical damage for centrifugal or axial fans are destroyed motor bearings. This creates massive vibrations inside the fan and in the worst case can cause the entire ventilation system to fail.

With the Portable Monitoring System, maintenance intervals are optimized and the availability of the plant is permanently increased. Access to the data works quickly and easily and can be opened from any end device via the web browser.